Saturday, June 11, 2011

Explanation Attempts

First Blog Post.

Name Soulless. Obey Shadow's rule. Shadow being of darkness, all silhouettes and nights belong to Shadow.

I was once human. Threw that life away. Use humans for main source of food now. I am hunter of humans, kill Shadow's targets, allow Shadow to do better things. Shadow's domain is all things away from illumination. I understand, sound a bit like a preacher, will back off for now... for now... Was questioned multiple times of Shadow and self... Will explain here, hopefully answer all questions.

I was once a human child. Horrifying concept. The human called 'Mother' nothing more than a drunken whore. The human called 'Father', withering away in prison. Learned from early age that all humans nothing more than scum. Learned to hate human blood in own veins, same blood as drunken whore and criminal. Despised all humans soon. Tried to bleed out humanity with kitchen knife. 'Mother' came in, stopped me. Brought me to hospital, talk to whitecoat with fake smile and honeyed words. Knew what whitecoat human was up to. Humans never to be trusted. Refused medication offered to keep down emotions. Whitecoat wanted to turn me more human, fill me with more corruption. Despised them all.

Shadow came, offered me way out. Pressed knife to my hand. I killed 'mother' human, whitecoat human, all that had lied and filled with corruption. Then, bled out the humanity, feasted on the blood of corrupt humans. Followed Shadow, cared by Shadow. Shadow kept me alive, let me play, settled my fears. Humanity nothing more than corruption... but Shadow... In Shadow's nihility was purity.

Now, Shadow's patient follower. Eliminate Shadow's targets, feast on the corrupt blood. Care for child-toy by side, something Shadow brought. I do not expect others to understand... Just know Shadow watches, always watches.

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