Monday, June 13, 2011


Head pounding, barely thinking, getting this down because important to self. Expecting no one to really read this or care, self doesn't even care, this headache... Ngh... Red fog, barely seeing...

Dream, yes.

Dream was... woman, faceless woman with long arms and feathers ripping out of her skin. Kissed me with no lips, embraced, splattered with blood. Struggled and screamed, so small, so weak, disgusted and horrified by feathers wet with crimson falling. Not know how good there or why. Woman let me go, falling freefall. Shadow leaped up, smothered, choking as if trying to breathe through mud. Felt the bile in throat, filling lungs, breathing liquid. Struggled to surface, climbed to cliff of sharp glass, cut into skin as climbed up and hacked out the muddy blackness. Came spilling down, like maggots, writhing in throat and lips and tongue. Fell to side, catch breath, ignore pain of sharp glass. When got up, half of flesh ripped away, leaving only bone and sinew. Seemed not to notice at the time, then stood and ran somewhere, not know where, only remember... trees of flesh and faces, screaming, black liquid spilling out of teeth...

Woman in the sky now, in a parting of the trees of flesh and faces, feathers falling so coated with blood. Woman screamed, or thought it was a scream, sounded like shrill shriek. Bones exploded from her skin, disintegrating into the black liquid, consuming her like maggots wiggling over her. So disgusting. The only thing left were her eyeballs, fell from sky and smashed onto glass-shard floor, soft popping noises as punctured and leaked yellow fluid. Fluid rose and blackened, surging into itself like the maggots eating her flesh, before forming childhood self. Childhood self ran to self, gripping ribs, speaking things did not want to hear or remember. Ripped shard of glass from glass ground, stabbed child self over and over and over and over and over. Bathed in organs and intestines, spilling onto self again and again as if could clean of all memories and words heard and remembered. Woke up in cold sweat, turned and vomited onto ground beside self.

Dreams uncommon, usually never sleep... Always alarming and frightening... Shadow said dreams contain meaning... not know what that one means...

Headache. Want to stop consciousness. Like heartbeat, only in head, painful, painful...


  1. Give it time. You will be alright. Think about the dream when your headache clears.

  2. Were you asking for a luck rune on my blog or telling me I need one? At any rate, the first rune (Fehu) of the Futhark is considered a Luck Rune, and more specifically the Fylfot (also known as the Swastika) is a rune for luck

  3. Wish for a luck rune, to give to you. Wish not you die too soon, yes?